Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I KNEW it wasn't just me!

Although the local paper usually is not my source for current events (it's all about and FARK, baby), I tend to enjoy Lois Henry, and her article about the women in Bakersfield getting the "short end of the dating stick" rang oh-so-true. Henceforth, I'll be spending my weekends on the green. (Either that sounds like I plan to get high a lot, or I just spend too much time around teenagers. Hmmm...)

Monday, February 16, 2009

To all the Presidents I've loved before...

Big ups to my personal favorites: Thomas Jefferson and Harry S Truman. The attached audio is by Mike Birbiglia, in honor of our 43rd. I don't care if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Anarchist, Green Party, whatever; it is hilarious.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

5. I now want to see a Scarlett Johansson movie. Questionable.

I have always enjoyed period pieces in regards to movies and books, and Girl with a Pearl Earring was no different. One of my favorite classes in college was European history, with an emphasis on the Dutch (gold star to Dr. Rink!), and this book reawakened my interest in the land of windmills and wooden shoes. It is historical fiction, creating a backstory for the girl in the portrait and the artist, Vermeer, and it is simplistically lovely. I have the painting hanging in my front room (surprise, surprise) and I now have a story-albeit one entirely contrived-that gives the girl some soul.

In globetrotting news, I have decided my next European rendezvous will include Holland and Denmark. Learn some more history, tiptoe through the tulips, get in touch with my family roots, and see where the future of America is headed if we continue with Obama's plans for socialization. Hurray for a nation of dependents!

Friday, February 6, 2009

3. & 4. Two steps forward, two steps back.

Yes, I did just quote Paula Abdul. Most know her today as the drunky McDrunkster on American Idol, but I will forever remember her in a Laker Girl uniform and dancing with a cartoon cat. Straight up!

Book #3 on my 2009 50 list was Love is a Verb by Mary Ellen Edmunds, recommended by my mom. It was very uplifting and reminded me that there is more to life than stacks of ungraded papers and discussions about the economic stimulus package (one in EVERY class today-kill me) and that I need to be more vocal/active (hence the "verb" in the title) in showing my love for others, which can be difficult for me, as I am somewhat of a closed book/ice queen.

I decided to follow it up with Revolutionary Road (currently a movie starring those kids from Titanic). I know it's a book I should pretend to have enjoyed, as it is the story of a 1960s couple trying to come to terms with a life they never really wanted, culminating in great tragedy, but...meh. Just wasn't doing it for me. One of my favorite movies is American Beauty, though, and I kind of recognize some similarities between the two stories, but I'm going to have to pass on Road. I am loving my newest literary pursuit, however, so good times are ahead. I know, you are all waiting on the edge of your seats for my review. Be patient.

In other book news, I stopped by the Goodwill that is devoted to used books and SCORED, finding six more Baby-Sitters Club books to add to my collection that I'm slowly rebuilding. I passed on a couple Jessi and Mallory books, though, because they were always boring. Any other BSC fans with me on this one? Nobody cares that your parents treat you like babies or that you love stupid horse stories. Now get back to describing Claudia's outfit!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Suggestions wanted.

For those who have not yet been drawn into the hilarity that is 30 Rock, may I recommend that you schedule a viewing next Thursday night at 9:30. It is a behind-the-scenes show about an NBC sitcom, and Alec Baldwin is especially fantastic; though a typical annoying Hollywood liberal in real-life, he masterfully plays a Republican corporate bigwig.

Although the most recent episode was a rerun, I still managed to not feel as though I had wasted thirty minutes of my life, as I had a pile of papers to grade in front of me. (Does it matter that I only got through about five?) Moreover, it was the genius reunion episode in which Liz Lemon (Tina Fey’s character) returns to her high school to show former classmates that “the ugly duckling has turned into a vaguely ethnic swan”; go online to view the episode or hit up a friend with DVR and good taste in television. (I swear, I am not being compensated for my promotion of this, although I should check into it.)

The point of all of this is that I am currently planning my ten-year reunion with some classmates and am looking for input from those who have attended their own. What did you like about your reunion? Not like? What would be some fun award categories to present (e.g. “person with most divorces under their belt”)? Please include any and all suggestions in the comment box or email me at

Merci beaucoup!