Sunday, September 9, 2007

3 weeks down...

These past few weeks have been a blur and I already have a stack of ungraded papers, the bane of my existence.Anyone who thinks teachers get it easy with summers and holidays off has never had to grade 200 papers by Monday. Arghhh...It's always my hope that someone will break into my car (because who doesn't want a piece of my awesome 1999 Civic?) and steal my school bag and then I'd have an excuse for my kids. Big dreams, I know. On a happy note, I am enjoying my new honors economics classes, and I just picked up an extra period of teaching world history. It's quite an experience having seniors all day long and ending the day with a roomful of sophomores. They do a lot of growing up in the junior year, for which I am grateful. They're a fun bunch, though, and I love teaching history again. If anyone is dying to hear about the Medici family, I watched the most fantastic documentary in preparation for the Renaissance unit and would love to discuss it with someone; please don't cause my blog to crash with all of your emails asking to schedule an appointment to do so. :) The best part about teaching an extra class, though (besides inspiring even more of tomorrow's leaders) is that I will get a pay increase that allows me to (drumroll) quit Frugatti's-YEA! My dad will have to get his chick mush fix somewhere else, because after Sept. 13 I will be gone.