Sunday, April 26, 2009


I had my dad's truck the other day, as my mom needed my oh-so-gas-efficient Honda Civic to go out of town, and I thought it would be a good time to drop off the piles of bags full of old bottles and cans that I saved from my Liberty...last year. Yes, they've been sitting in my garage FOR-E-VER. On my way to drop them off, I stopped at Walmart for a crapload of prom supplies, and when I came back out, something was missing. That something was 8 huge bags of recycling. What the what?! Of course the swim pop-ups and lap counters were untouched (I know, who wouldn't want lap counters?) but my bags o' cans were nowhere to be found. Only at Walmart. I like to tell myself that the money (about $30-$40) went to feed some needy family, but more than likely some skeeze was able to buy their supply of crack for the night. Geesh...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some covert action.

Mason and I went shopping for his prom shoes and tie today and had a MAJOR score on the Vans. We stopped by Macy's as well so I could buy some fancy-schmancy eyeliner at the MAC counter for about twice the regular price, but I had a gift card and I heard it was the best of the "affordable" options. (I love that magazines such as InStyle think MAC and Banana Republic are good for those "shopping on a budget.") Mason tried to not look like too much of a homosexual at the makeup counter while some bleach blonde gal rattled off about twenty different shades of black from which I could choose-I settled upon black.

We drove by Costco on the way home and Mason asked if I had a Costco card, as a polish dog and soda for $1.50 is cheap and delicious. No membership, but I did have a gift card and needed gas. I didn't want to wait for twenty cars, though, but fatty Mason said we should still attempt to get in the store and I could try an "I forgot my card" line-we're hardcore and decided to go for it. Turns out all I had to do was open my wallet and simply pretend to look through it for the doorman to grant us entrance. Victory! Spicy mustard was in my near future.

Not only was the polish dog and pink lemonade (with a touch of Sprite) as good as ever, I commented to Mason that the fact that we got something we weren't supposed to made it just that much better-he agreed. Hmmmm, maybe proponents of legalizing marijuana based on the argument that a lot of kids do it just because it is illegal are onto something.